Strong Futures

Academic Outcomes

100% of students in 2016 met or exceeded the National Minimum Standard in NAPLAN tests. In the same year, the average Year 5 student outperformed the average Year 7 student at the local State High School.

Christian Values

Christian values are the bedrock of western society, values that go beyond theĀ golden rule. Students are taught how to critically evaluate society from a Biblical worldview and their contributing role in creating a future for everyone.

Personal Changes

Student success is predicated on believing that deep learning is effortful and that when faced with failure, they get up and keep going. Learning requires deep reflection and setting personal goals that inspire and are worth achieving.


No man is an island, as they say. Our interconnected world requires that students not just willing to work collaboratively, but have learned how to problem solve together, plan, develop and refine as a team, and have developed conflict management skills to keep relationships key in all they do.