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Mission, Vision & Values

Educating for eternity and equipping for life to see students living with purpose.

Our Mission
Educating for Eternity, Equipping for life. As Christian educators, our mission is to encourage students to see the world through an eternal perspective, inspiring students to love God and others as themselves. Our students are equipped with all the tools they need for a successful and fulfilling life so that they can contribute meaningfully to the world they live in.
Our Vision
Our vision is to inspire students to live with purpose by discovering their God-given calling. We envision a community that embodies God's way—Our Way—through cultivating a Loving Heart, an Adventurous Spirit, a Creative Mind, Responsible Actions, and ultimately living a Purposeful Life.
Our Values
"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden."
— Matt 5:14