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Primary Extra-Curricular


Primary students have the opportunity to participate in inter-school sport as organised across Warwick and South-East Queensland. Students choosing to be involved will have a chance for practices during lunch-times throughout the week. Some of the sports Warwick Christian College has been involved in include field hockey, futsal (soccer), netball and touch .

Sustainability Club

The Primary Sustainability Club is a dedicated group within our school community focused on promoting sustainability practices among students. Meeting weekly during ACCESS classes, members engage in interactive sessions to learn about various aspects of sustainability. A central initiative of the club is participation in the Containers for Change program, where students actively collect and recycle containers to reduce waste and promote recycling efforts. Through education and hands-on activities, the Primary Sustainability Club aims to instil a sense of environmental responsibility and empower students to make positive contributions to the planet.

Speedy Sloth Productions - Puppets

Speedy Sloths Productions is our dynamic Primary puppet club, where budding puppeteers delve into the enchanting realm of puppetry. Through ACCESS classes, students master the art of puppet manipulation, storytelling, and performance under the guidance of dedicated mentors. From chapel services to community events and special College days, the club's performances are eagerly anticipated, captivating audiences with their creative flair and heartfelt messages. With each puppetry masterpiece, members not only showcase their talents but also cultivate valuable skills in teamwork, communication, and self-expression, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of experiencing their magical performances.

Primary Choir

Choir is a wonderful Creative Arts extra-curricular opportunity available to Year 3-6 students in Primary. The choir performs with accompaniment, providing solo opportunities, and giving students the experience of being part of a modern day choir. The group currently rehearses once a week and has the opportunity to perform at some of the College’s key events such as ANZAC Day Assembly, Spring Showcase and Awards Celebration as well as local Eisteddfods.

Creative Arts and Program

The Creative Arts Program provides students with the opportunity to further explore and develop their creative interests and talents. A range of group and individual lessons are available from Year 7 to 12 for instrumental (piano, guitar, strings, percussion), voice and speech. These lessons are offered before, during and after school pending the availability of tutors.