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 Secondary Curriculum

At Warwick Christian College, Years 7 & 8 are designed as an exploratory

years, and introduces all students to the learning opportunities provided in

Secondary. Year 7 & 8 students will participate in core, school-based and

exploratory subjects. Students in Year 7 & 8 do not choose these subjects,

rather they rotate through the subjects each Semester.  They will each have

the opportunity to trial two exploratory subjects each Semester which will

equate to a total of four each year.  This allows students to develop an

understanding of their natural interests and abilities in the subjects offered in Year 9 and beyond.


  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Humanities

  • Science

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Language (Spanish)


  • Christian Living

  • ACCESS (Sport and Extra-Curricular)

  • PRIME (Literacy, Numeracy, and Extension groups)

  • Chapel

  • Assembly


  • Design Technology

  • Drama

  • Food Technology

  • Music and Visual Art

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